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L’ occasione della Casa Passiva

 Ci sono molte discussioni nel web che riguardano la Casa Passiva, a volte i commenti trasmettono veramente il sogno. Qui sotto uno di questi:

Certified European Passive House Designer

I am considering taking the Certified European Passive House Designer course. Do any qualified group members have any advice on the subject? and has it improved your business? 
I offer architectural services to clients, and would like to offer this as a design service also.

 Group: Passivhaus Design Group

Hi, I’m just a carpenter so I’m not sure if I fall into your "qualified group members" category, but if I may. My life as well as the lives of others who have actively pursued the study of Passive House in America have had their lives totally changed. I know of several architects who were burnt out and numbed by the humdrum building industry. They were ready to quit but knew of no other way to make a living. Upon being dipped into the baptismal waters of Passive House they we reborn. They were up late at night designing with their new found concepts and then at it again early in the morning applying Passive House to their houses and schools and duplexes and apartments and brown stones and chicken coups. But there is a dark side to the Passive House movement. A sided only whispered about. Once you delve into the building science catacombs of Passive House you begin to look at your fellow peers in a different light. And this may be difficult for some. With this said I highly encourage you to walk down to the river and take a dip into its cool waters. Dave Gano Washington DC 
Posted by David Gano



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